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Erotic fiction writer
Offering fans the new eBook Wanna Play on Amazon or free as a PDF. Prefer the listening experience, try the newly released audio book
Those after the uncensored, more explicit version of the story, you'll find that on
Amazon titled Erotic Games and Misdemeanours

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Yvette Noire

Erotic literature

New release Wanna Play?

Erotic literature

Erotic literature

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Hot on the tails of Yvette's first novel Erotic Games and Misdemeanours comes this second novella, Wanna Play  a re-imagining of the story based on reader feedback.


The result is Wanna Play - an abridged version of the original story, with all the plot twists and excitement but less of the graphic depictions of sex.


Why tone down the sex?


It appears while men thoroughly enjoyed the first book, some women found it too confronting in places and too explicit for their liking.


To ensure both men and women could enjoy the story Wanna Play is being released now as an eBook on Amazon, can also be downloaded as a free PDF here and has been released as an audio book on apple books. with yours truly narrating.

Not sure, which book is right for you, take a look at the reviews below or at the first 20 pages on Amazon.

What people are saying about Wanna Play and 
Erotic Games and Misdemeanours


Wanna Play is great read, very erotic, confronting in places but funny too, with a strong ending that made me want more.

It gets straight to the action, no pussyfooting around there. Made me laugh but  also made me feel for the characters and the situations they found themselves in.

I was quickly engrossed and couldn't wait to find out what happens next.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything written by Yvette Noire, she's my kind of writer.


Can't say I've read a lot of erotic fiction but girlfriend recently purchased Erotic Games and Misdemeanours so decided to give it a go - isolation will do that to you.

But got to say I was immediately hooked, lots of action and plot twists and I LOVED the explicit sex scenes.

A mix of suspense and erotica that kept taking me places I wasn't expecting it to go.

Enjoyable read, especially if you like the genre.