Winner of the Golden Ink Award, 2023


Freelance journalist and
author of the erotic thriller 
Erotic Games and Misdemeanours, also publishing human interest
pieces on Medium 
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Yvette Noire

New erotic thriller, wanna read more?

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Erotic thriller Erotic Games and Misdemeanours follows the escapades of Chanelle Maddison as she seduces her handsome protégé.


Their tryst unleashes forbidden desires neither realised they harboured, all under the watchful eye of a secret stalker bent on revenge.


In an era of diverse sexual inclinations, fuelled by everything from social media to revenge porn, there are always winners and losers in the game of sex.


But knowing which is which can be hard when all sides are only too willing to give and receive in equal measures.



This book deals with mature themes and includes explicit sex scenes that may offend some readers.

What people are saying about Erotic Games and Misdemeanours


Erotic Games and Misdemeanours is great read! As the title suggests, very erotic, confronting in places but funny too, with a strong ending that made me want more. It gets straight to the sex, no pussyfooting around there and lots of humour but also made me feel for the characters and the situations they found themselves in. I was quickly engrossed and couldn't wait to find out what happens next. I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything written by Yvette Noire, she's my kind of writer.


Can't say I've read a lot of erotic fiction but girlfriend recently purchased Erotic Games and Misdemeanours so decided to give it a go - isolation will do that to you. But got to say I was immediately hooked. Story moves quickly, lots of action and plot twists and I LOVED the female characters. A mix of suspect and erotica that kept taking me places I wasn't expecting it to go. Enjoyable read, especially if you like the genre.

Read Yvette Noire's new erotic thriller Erotic Games and Misdemeanours or engage her to write your personalised erotic fiction 

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