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Now available on apple books, Wanna Play is has been re-imagined with feedback from my readers, this eBook is the abridged version of my earlier novel Erotic Games and Misdemeanours, which is still available for those wanting to experience the story in graphic detail, and I do mean graphic!

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Consummate professional Chanelle Maddison and tawdry stripper Kandi De Lish are both obsessed with the same man – one becoming his lover, the other a scorned stalker bent on revenge.

The object of their affections, Hayden Wolfe, is the perfect bachelor — handsome, self-assured and so much fun… in and out of bed!

Popular with the ladies, Hayden’s never really been in love before, his relationships as fleeting as they are superficial.

But all that’s about to change when the two women in his life are set on a collision course — one that promises to change the way they feel about him and themselves.

There are always winners and losers in the game of love, that’s what makes it so damn exciting!

But when you choose to play, it’s all fun and games but most especially when someone gets hurt.

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The first version of my novel and still the best if you're after detailed, graphic depictions of sex, completely uncensored and including hard core activities with a slant towards BDSM. Available now on Amazon. 

Chanelle Maddison is a real class act—strikingly attractive, smart and obsessively career-driven, she has the world at her feet professionally.


But it’s a different story when it comes to her personal life, where Chanelle is the ultimate ice queen.


That’s certainly been Hayden Wolfe’s experience as her attentive protégé.


A consummate ladies’ man, Hayden is known for bedding every girl in sight but the only one he really wants is the one woman he cannot have—Chanelle.


On the eve of his departure from the business, Chanelle invites him to play a flirtatious game—one that unleashes forbidden desires neither realised they harboured!


Surrendering to their lust, Chanelle and Hayden are none the wiser they’re being watched by a stalker bent on vengeance and willing to extract it no matter the cost.


In an era of diverse sexual inclinations, fuelled by everything from social media to revenge porn, there will always be winners and losers in the game of sex.


But knowing which is which can be hard when all sides are willing to give and receive in equal measure—pushing boundaries and operating with complete impunity in their own secret little worlds.

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"Sassy, erotic and full of unexpected twists and turns, Wanna Play is a real page turner. 

I thoroughly recommend it and look forward to the next instalment!

I previewed the beginning of Erotic Games and Misdemeanours

on Amazon but decided I didn't need to purchase this version, the explicit detail just wasn't for me.

But I do love Yvette Noire's work, she's definitely my kind of writer and if I ever get the courage, I may even get her to write my own erotic short story!"

Samantha J.

"I found Erotic Games and Misdemeanours a bit confronting, going straight into the sex scenes in gory detail, particularly the characters' fantasies we became privy to, it was almost shocking.


But Wanna Play was a much easier read for me and I became so engrossed in the story-line I couldn't wait to find out what happens next.

My favourite character was Kandi, who's not even the main protagonist yet her unexpected exploits kept me guessing, laughing and intrigued. It really is a fun and enteraining read.”

Lucinda Sparks | Avid reader

"If you're looking for erotic fiction that explores the realm of dominance and submission in a tasteful yet compelling manner, this book delivers it in spades.

I have read both versions of the book and both have merit.

I recommend starting with the eBook version Wanna Play, it's shorter and therefore a quicker read.


If you like it but want more of the nitty gritty, as I did, move on the Erotic Games and Misdemeanours - you won't be disappointed!”

Alan Maclean