Former journalist Yvette Noire has explored erotic fantasies and contemporary sexual behaviour through countless interviews with people from all walks of life.

Along the way, she has lived in Amsterdam, London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sydney — all ripe locations to discuss and explore sexuality in all its form.

What she discovered was a collective desire to indulge an array of predilections and activities, provided these were consensual and reciprocated.

Yvette has come to believe everyone has a wild side that is often only explored when the right circumstances arise.

Her fiction creates characters and situations ripe for such discoveries — emotionally, sexually and psychologically.

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Yvette Noire

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Wanna know more about Yvette?

Yvette Noire is a renowned party girl and professional writer whose erotic short fiction has enthralled private fans for years, mostly through her service writing personalised fiction.

Open minded and sexually permissive, Yvette is a world traveller who’s as comfortable in a hard core German sex club as she is at an LA swingers’ party, and everything in between.

Yvette first turned to writing erotic fiction for personal entertainment, sharing it initially and exclusively with her broad inner circle.

This led to private readings for groups of women attending hen’s nights and other ‘girly’ entertainment, their feedback informing Yvette’s writing style, ideas and scenarios. 


A common complaint was frustration with the predictable storylines and flimsy plots twists designed to take readers from one superficial erotic encounter to the next.

Armed with this information, Yvette decided to challenge herself to genuinely explore sexuality in all its forms, to understand what drove peoples' desires and sexual fantasies.

She did this primarily through interviews with hundreds of people who were willing to be candid about their experiences and interests. This included speaking with sex workers (and their clients), strippers / erotic performers, sex party aficionados, swingers, BDSM proponents and the LGBTQI community.

These conversations and learnings gave context to Yvette’s fiction, understanding and exposing the way our desires shape sexual leanings as well as our relationships, for good and for ill.


Now calling Australia home, Yvette relishes every opportunity to take fantasies, desires and sexual indulgences to their natural conclusion through her writing.

Her style is sassy and sexually-liberated, merging the realms of fantasy and sex play seamlessly as she takes her characters to illicit highs and lows.

Yvette believes we all play games but it’s the sexual ones we savour most.

Her fiction leaves readers gasping for more and satisfying them in unimaginable ways, with debauched escapades that only increase in voracity as the plot thickens.

Yvette’s goal is to rock the world of erotic literature to its very foundation, bringing new levels of sophistication to existing themes and introducing fresh ways to indulge sexual fantasies safely and provocatively.

Raw and gritty, her work is addictively compelling and certainly not for the faint-hearted!


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