"Sassy, erotic and full of unexpected twists and turns, this book is page turner. I thoroughly recommend it and look forward to the next instalment!"

Samantha J.

"I found Wanna Play confronting, going straight into the sex scenes, it was almost shocking. But as I continued reading, I became so engrossed in the story-line I couldn't wait to find out what happens next. My favourite character was Kandi, who's not even the main protagonist yet her unexpected exploits kept me guessing, laughing and intrigued. I was pretty unsure about the book to begin with but now I'm glad I read it and will keep an eye out for anything written by Yvette Noire, she's definitely my kind of writer.”

Lucinda Sparks | Avid reader

"If you're looking for erotic fiction that explores the realm of dominance and submission in a tasteful yet compelling manner, this book delivers in spades.”

Alan Maclean

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