Frequently asked questions

How do I get my own erotic fiction written?

The process begins with you emailing Yvette (using the Contact section of the website) to express your interest in commissioning the writing of personalised erotic fiction. Yvette will first send back a standard reply, simply acknowledging receipt of your email.

Within five working days, Yvette will forward a second email that includes the options available for getting your personalised erotic fiction written, along with the costs associated with each.

It is generally best to correspond via email in the beginning, to set an agreed format (ie short story, longer narrative, etc). This allows both parties to agree on a cost and timeline for the delivery of work.

A 50% deposit will then need to be provided to formally commission Yvette to write your erotic fiction.

What is the process for consultation and development of my fiction?

Yvette will schedule a phone chat where you can candidly discuss your erotic fantasies. The phone call will usually take between 60-90 minutes, during which Yvette may ask a number of pointed questions, prompting for details on theme, actions and desires.

This is your opportunity to disclose as much or as little as you’d care to, keeping in mind the more you share with Yvette, the more personalised your fiction will be.

Yvette will then prepare a first draft in Word format for initial consideration and feedback. Your 50% deposit covers the cost of the first draft and, if you decide not to go any further, you can terminate the commissioned work at this point.

However if you terminate your work early, Yvette will retain both the deposit and copyright over this draft. You will still receive and retain an electronic copy of the work however you are not entitled to publish this without Yvette’s written consent.

Assuming you are happy with the first draft and keen to progress with your erotic fiction, you will be asked to provide feedback, using tracked changes and adding comments to the Word document. If you prefer, you can print the document to add your commentary by hand then scan the document.

Either way, you will need to email back your version, with your feedback, before further work can progress.

Some people prefer to organise additional phone chats to discuss the required changes directly with Yvette however there is a cost involved for each phone chat undertaken.

Once your feedback has been received and incorporated into your personalised erotic fiction, a final draft in Word format is provided back to you electronically.

This is your last opportunity to make minor changes or additions before returning the document back with your final payment.

Yvette will then format the erotic fiction, undertake a final proofing and provide it back to you either electronically or as a hard copy, depending on what has been agreed.

What if I want my story as a small book?

Most people are seeking short stories from Yvette and prefer to receive the work as electronic files.

However if your fiction is long enough to fit into a book format, Yvette is able to organise a printed copy or copies for you but this must be agreed at the onset.

Subsequent variations on the agreed terms and conditions can be made throughout the writing process but additional costs will be incurred for these variations, at the same rate set for the initially-agreed work.

What if I want images included in my fiction?

If you’d like to see images and illustrations included in your personalised erotic fiction, this can be organised.

Yvette generally uses stock images but specific photo shoots can be undertaken, along with illustrations commissioned through third parties, with Yvette managing this process on your behalf.

Please keep in mind that all photos and illustrations will attract additional costs, including higher printing costs (if printed), use of models, graphic designers and illustrators.

Who owns the copyright to my personalised erotic fiction?

If you terminate the work after receiving your first draft, Yvette retains the copyright for all the material provided and may use or adapt it as she sees fit for use on her website or in subsequent publications.

Once you finalise your contract and make full payment, you will retain copyright for the material but are required to attribute the ‘ghost-writing’ to Yvette Noire if published.

How long does it usually take for Yvette to write my fiction?

Your initial email will be responded to within seven working days, allowing both parties to negotiate the terms and timelines governing the work being undertaken.

Depending on the length of the fiction being written, it can take between three months to 12 months for the final draft to be ready. Most of the erotic fiction commissioned is less than 5000 words and this usually takes up to three months.

How long can my fiction be?

Most people using Yvette’s services are looking for short stories, between 2000-5000 words.

Longer narratives required more interaction and negotiation to develop the plot, characters and exploits.

A short novella is normally 17,500 and 40,000 words, or 30 to 80 pages. A full novel is usually 60,000 words or more, or 120+ pages.

I’ve written my own erotic fiction but need some help taking it to the next level. Does Yvette providing editing services as well as writing?

Yvette is always happy to look at early drafts of your own fiction and/or provide an editing and final proofing service for your work.

Yvette charges $150 per hour for proofing and editing, and can edit an average of six pages an hour, depending on the degree of editing required.

If you are providing your own work to Yvette, you retain all copyright over that work and are not required to acknowledge Yvette’s editing or writing services should you subsequently publish this work.

I’d like to get my own erotic fiction written but not sure I feel comfortable talking about my fantasies. Is there any other way to get this done?

It is natural and normal to feel shy about discussing your own intimate and private erotic fantasies with someone else. Yvette has been providing this service for some years and has literally spoken to hundreds of people in this time. In other words, she has pretty much heard it all before when it comes to erotic fantasies.

What we fantasise about can often be politically-incorrect, differ from what we actually wish to experience in real life and are sometimes even disturbing or embarrassing. That’s why it can be so hard to find erotic fiction on the market that aligns with what you may imagine in the privacy of your own mind.

Yvette is experienced in talking through fantasies and erotic desires without judgement or discomfort. She is also happy to share whether others have approached her with similar fantasies, making it an enlightening and empowering experience disclosing your deepest darkest fantasies to her.

You can also exchange emails if a phone chat feels too confrontational. Yvette can also provide you with a questionnaire allowing you to simply tick boxes for certain themes and activities, if that is more to your liking.

Remember, this is a private, confidential service where the final product goes to you and you alone.

Yvette guarantees to keep your discussions and personalised erotic fiction private and all copies of your commissioned work will be deleted by Yvette once you have finalised your contract.

If you don’t finalise your contract and Yvette chooses to use some of your ideas in her subsequent work, none of it will be attributed to you – your privacy is of paramount importance to Yvette.

What about my details, are they kept private too?

Your personal details are only kept on file for the duration of your commissioned engagement and will never be sold to or exchanged with third parties.

Your contact details are also deleted after six months to ensure your privacy is protected and respected.

You are invited to view Yvette Noire’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Is anything off limits in terms of the erotic fiction?

As long as what is discussed is a fantasy only, there are no limitations.

That said, for legal reasons and to protect both parties, some scenarios cannot be written, exchanged or published and these will be advised on a case-by-case basis.

Other than that, Yvette keeps an open-mind and appreciates that everyone’s sexual interests, ideas and activities vary enormously.