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Yvette Noire has published two new books, Wanna Play and the more explicit version of the same story in the form of Erotic Games and Misdemeanours


Please feel free to download a complimentary PDF of Wanna Play for review


Yvette is available for interviews on a range of issues including (but not limited to):


  • erotic fiction and why it sells

  • sexuality in all its forms

  • BDSM and other sexual fantasies

  • what women like to fantasise about

  • what men like to fantasise about

  • the impact of the #metoo movement on our courting rituals 

  • tips to improve your lovemaking along with your relationship

Yvette prefers to respond to media enquiries in writing but radio and TV interviews can be negotiated. However Yvette values her privacy and is not currently participating in face-to-camera interviews (sorry).

Contact Yvette Noire directly or scroll down to the detailed Q&A section below for find out more about Yvette.


Yvette Noire

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More about Yvette Noire

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The questions you want answered by Yvette Noire

Is Yvette Noire your real name?

No it is my ‘nom de plume’ – my pen name. I’ve opted to use a pen name for my fiction so I remain anonymous, allowing me to be more candid and provocative than I might be if my fiction were published under my real name.

Isn’t it a bit of a cop out to write under a ‘nom de plum’?

I don’t think so.

Humans can be pretty judgemental in my experience and my ‘day job’ is working for a conservative government agency, one that wouldn’t appreciate the kind of publicity my erotic fiction might attract.

It is out of respect for my colleague and my profession that I choose to operate with discretion.

How long have you worked as a journalist?

I hve worked internationally as a journalist for more than 15 years, my work published by magazines, newspapers and websites in the US, Australia and Canada. My focus has been on investigative journalism, editorials and human interest pieces, exploring the stories behind the headlines.

I became well known enough to work exclusively as a freelancer and it was then that I began exploring sex and erotica in earnest, mostly because that’s what the publishers were most interested in.

There were some hiccups along the way, with a number of my articles sold but never published as the censors of the day intervened. As a result, I became an avid proponent for free speech, appalled by what was being censored (in Australia at the time).

To give you an idea what I've had censored in the past, I've uploaded one of my censored articles No Pain No Gain, which explores the world of the professional B&D submissive - women who make their living from being tied up and beaten. I agree the content was controversial but, given this article was commissioned by Australian Penthouse magazine, I believe their readers did not need the censors to step in.

Why did you decide to start writing erotic fiction?

I know through my many interviews working as a journalist, and the numerous conversations I’ve had with those using my Personalised Fiction writing service, that pretty much everyone has a kinky side… even me!

Some people are comfortable being open about their sexual desires and fantasies, even when these are deviant in the extreme. However the norm is probably to keep such thoughts to yourself.

The more I talked with people willing to be candid about their sex lives, the more I discovered that unusual themes and sexual leanings weren’t always easy to satisfy or to find in the existing erotic fiction that was out there.

I offered to put some of what I’d been told into prose and the response I got was overwhelming!

At first I wrote erotic fiction for free, capturing what people told me they desired, embellishing and adding my personal touch before sending it back to the individuals as a ‘reward’ for sharing their story with me.

But demand grew quickly, with many people contacting me again to see if I’d write another short story up for them.

I was astounded to find this niche market out there and, as I became more accustomed to writing erotic fiction, it became more of who was as a person too. I could go anywhere and do anything in my fiction and that allowed me to really let lose, creating the stories I wanted to read.

Then I thought why shouldn’t others have access to personalised erotic fiction but many people lack the writing skills to make that a reality, which is where I come in. This sideline hobby of mine has become a big part of my life now but I wanted to go further, to take it to the next level.

That’s when I turned my hand to writing Erotic Games and Misdemeanours, my first erotic novel – filling the pages with sexual escapades, emotions, ideas and a plot that draws everything together in unexpected ways. It’s erotic, sassy, sexy, fun but it’s also a thriller with surprising plot twists – an element I found lacking in much of the erotic fiction I was reading.

However some of my female readers found the book too confronting and explicit - that's when I really started to understand the difference between the way men and women enjoy their erotic fiction. To make up for it I have now re-imagined the story, tailoring it to the female market, in the new free eBook Wanna Play.

Wanna Play is also due for release shortly as an audio book, Erotic Games and Misdemeanours was a bit too hard core for the audio market (go figure?).

Do people really engage your services to write their own personalised erotic fiction?

The quick answer is yes, they certainly do.

In fact I’ve been surprised how keen people are to engage my services writing their erotic fiction. I think this is partly because people have so few outlets or opportunities to discuss their private sexual desires, particularly if what they perceive their desires are embarrassing, unconventional and politically-incorrect, as many fantasies are - but they are just fantasies.

Many people I speak with tell me that our conversation is the first time they’ve admitted to anyone, sometimes even themselves, what really turns them on. A lot of them don’t want to explore these themes with their partners or spouses for fear it might impact their relationships… no-one wants the person they love to think less of them.

I am pleased and proud to offer these people the opportunity to see their stories come to life on a page. It’s very cathartic and sometimes the easiest way to divulge their desires to, or at least gauge the response of, their partners.

Aren’t you just peddling porn under the guise of erotic fiction?

Let’s be real here, erotic fiction is all about arousing the reader, just as porn is all about arousing the watcher.

The difference is porn is the word associated with male sexual material, even though many women indulge in it, and erotic fiction is more associated with female sexual material, though again men often partake in it.

As far as I’m concerned, any erotic fiction or porn that is ethically-created and where exposure to it occurs with genuine consent, I see no downside. Good sex always starts with your head anyway so if my work is improving people’s sex lives, then I'm good with that.

Are your readers mostly men or women?

Both men and women read my work and access my personalised erotic fiction writing services.

Slightly more women than men contact me but I think that’s because women read more, perhaps due to the huge trade in romance novels.

Men still read, they still contact me and they are definitely interested in erotic fiction. However men tend to be more visual creatures and I suspect if my fiction was delivered with imagery included, the take up rate would increase significantly. That said, erotic fiction picture book sales would still pale in comparison to porn, which is so readily available these days online and on mobile devices.

Will any of your novel's be available as audio books?

Unfortunately Erotic Games and Misdemeanours, my first erotic fiction novel, is a bit too raunchy for the audio book market, or so I'm told.

However, the re-imagining of that story as my new free eBook Wanna Play has been released shortly as an audio book (