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In addition to publishing her new erotic thriller Erotic Games and Misdemeanours, Yvette offers a unique service for those looking to see their own erotic fantasies brought to life as a narrative they can read and share with in the privacy of their own home.


While there is a vast array of erotic fiction on the market, Yvette has found that many people want to see their own ideas and erotic fantasies personalised and brought to life.


Over the past five years, Yvette has discussed erotica and fantasies with over 1000 people, through her earlier work as a journalist and her private erotic fiction writing service.


Due to demand, Yvette has now decided to offer this service more commercially, through this website. It is a unique offering that allows those interested to share and discuss their inner-most sexual yearnings and desires.


Dare to explore your own sexual fantasies with a professional who can repackage these into the erotic fiction you wish you could buy in the shops.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on the process involved for commissioning your own personalised erotic fiction. 


Read Customer feedback from those who have used Yvette's services before.

Read Yvette Noire's new erotic thriller Erotic Games and Misdemeanours or engage her to write your personalised erotic fiction 

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