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There are benefits to becoming a member, or a 'Noirette' as I like to call my members.


My member's only website is always changing and evolving so it's worth joining and coming back to visit regularly.


I think of it as a secret place where I'm free to disclose the kind of things I normally only share with my inner circle.


I'm sharing one example of what I have on offer in the members' section - the first article I had censored when I was a journalist working in Australia during the 'noughties'.


It was commissioned by Australian Penthouse magazone but the Office for Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) thought it was too 'hard core' for Aussies to handle.


Make your own mind up now by reading No Pain, No Gain, which explores the world of the professional B&D submissives - women who make their living from being tied up and beaten.

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Yvette Noire

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