Customer feedback

"I love the idea of exploring my sexuality through written word but I can't write that good. Sharing my erotic bent with Yvette was the first time I've said it outloud, which was kinda liberating... don't reckon I've ever been so candid about my fantasies with anyone!

"But was even more exciting seeing my secret desires in story form and reading it. What surprised me the most was how it made me feel about my sexual leanings. I wasn't sure what it would be like to get erotica written with my vision in mind but it was so much more than I imagine. And Yvette was super easy to talk to and not judgy at all. She was a real pro about it all." 

Janet D. | Stay at home mum

"My fantasies were hard to explore in real life, not because they were totes hard core, they were just impractical... impossible to actually do. Seeing my secret world in a short story penned for me was a real turn on. Plus now I have it in writing.”

Vivek  | Mechanic

“Love Yvette's work but especially like that she writes personalised erotic fiction, which I enjoy even more! She really knows how to paint a picture with words, really brings the sex to life.”

Jerry S.